Optical Fibre Dip Sensor


The Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS) brings together physicists, chemists and biologists to pursue a new transdisciplinary approach to science. Researchers are developing novel photonic, sensing and measurement technologies that will change the way science is done within traditional discipline areas, stimulating the creation of new industries, and inspiring a new generation of scientists to be engaged in solving real-world problems.



The Technology

The Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS) has developed a unique range of sensors utilising our structured soft glass optical fibre architecture. We are developing a range of surface functionalised dip sensors which can measure a range biomolecules and chemicals using very low sample volumes, very rapidly and with high sensitivity.


Dip Sensing

*            Measuring low concentrations of <0.2nM.

*            Using in situ real-time dip sensors.

*            Sampling from nanoLitre volumes.

*            Specific detection of pathogens or any other biomolecules.

*            IPAS use novel exposed-core microstructured optical fibres, which will allow for highly- sensitive distributive sensing.

*           Chemical sensing proof of concept demonstrated on clinical IVF samples.


This new Dip Sensing technology incorporates:

*            Unique soft glass fibres

*            Suspended nano-rails & sensing cavity

*            Line nano-rail with detecting molecule

*            Interactions measured by fluorescence

*            Large light matter overlap

*            Long interaction lengths

*            Small volumes / Rapid results

*            Microstructured fibre used for sensing

IP Position

ARI has filed a number of patents which underpin this technology in various national territories. These patents have either been granted or the corresponding patent applications are in the process of examination at present.

1.   Method and Device for Forming Microstructured Fibre

2.   Fabrication of Nanowires

3.   Optical Fibre Sensors


Partnering Opportunities

ARI is seeking licensing partners for this technology.

Patent Information:
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