Zika DNA Vaccine


Technology Overview: A plasmid DNA vaccine that

encodes a secreted form of non-structural protein 1

(secNS1). It is highly immunogenic and offers complete

systemic protection from Zika in vaccinated mice. The

vaccine protects and completely eliminates ZIKA virus in

preclinical studies. We have modified the plasmid DNA

vaccine to include a leader sequence upstream of the NS1

gene, resulting in secretion of NS1 from vaccinetransfected

cells) – similar to what happens with NS1

during natural Zika infection in humans. The

immunogenic portion of the sequence elicits various

responses including T-helper response, a cytotoxic-T-cell

response, and/or a B-cell response.


Potential Applications: A vaccine that protects and

eliminates ZIKA virus and has the potential to treat or

reduce transmission of Zika virus infection and to block

transmission of Zika in mosquitoes. Additionally, the

technology provides a tool for detecting Zika infection.


Key Features & Benefits: A simple and intensive DNA

vaccine that elicits robust humoral and cell mediated

immune response to the Zika virus NS1 protein, resulting

in protection against challenge. Key features include:

• No need for adjuvant

• Stable for transportation and storage

• Synthesizes a specific antigen response

• No risk of ADE

• Low reactogenicity (candidate for pregnant women)

• No vector immunity: prime – boost

• Excellent safety profile


Detailed briefing document can be found here.

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