Hybrid Solar Receiver Combustor: now referred to as Hybrid Solar Receiver (Combustion, Solar and or Geothermal Energy)


Technology Overview

A hybrid system that integrates a tubular solar receiver and a combustor into a single device used to harness energy from both solar and combustion sources.  System designs considered both process heat applications and electricity generation.  System designs include three operational modes: solar-only, combustion-only and mixed-mode.


Potential Applications

Hybrid solar thermal and combustion technologies are attracting growing attention due to the complementary nature of these two energy sources.  A primary market focus has been electricity generation and process heat for industrial and mining applications. 


Key Features & Benefits

Our Hybrid Receiver Combustor offers efficient, cost-effective, modular cavity receivers that integrate solar thermal and gas combustion. Potential benefits include lower cost of solar thermal power due to reduced infrastructure, firm supply, and potential thermodynamic synergies. 

•       Operation solar-only, combustion-only, or mixed solar-combustion mode.

•       Reduced heat-exchange area, heat losses, and capital cost.

•       Maintain output during intermittent solar supply.

•       Reduced start-ups and shut-downs.

•       More concentrated solar radiation even near the lower limits of the solar day.


•       Capital cost reduced by up to 50%

•       Up to 45% reduction in net fuel consumption

•       Reduced CO2 emissions.

•       Reduced balance-of-plant costs

•       Levelised cost of energy reduced by up to 24%


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