Herbicide Tolerant Faba Variety (AF15369) - Licence Opportunity



A new Faba Bean variety (AF15369) with tolerance to herbicides in the imidazolinone family was developed by UA, in collaboration with SARDI and GRDC. There was no observed reduction in grain yield of AF15369 when certain imidazolinone herbicides was applied at the five node growth stage at up to four times the recommended rate for current varieties of imidazolinone tolerant crops. Yields of the new variety in South Australia and Victoria, in the absence of application of imidazolinone herbicides, is comparable to current faba bean varieties.


The University of Adelaide is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to license the Herbicide Tolerant Faba variety (AF15369).  The Call for Expressions of Interest is advertised nationally and on the University of Adelaide website.  Applications are being sought from seed companies, breeding programs, individual organisations or consortia that are interested in the offered material for Commercial Use. The Expression of Interest document can be downloaded here.


All questions in relation to the Expression of Interest process must be put in writing to Michael Muthig at enterprise@adelaide.edu.au.  UA may post de-identified questions on the UA website together with the answers.


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