Geostatistical Analysis Software (Spatial Statistics)


GeostatWin is a software package that provides advanced geostatistical evaluations of mineral resources, including model validation, linear and non-linear estimation, various methods for 3D simulation of quantitative variables (eg ore grades) and complex geological structures.


GeostatWin was originally developed as a teaching tool for industry short courses and for the University of Adelaide Master of Geostatistics Programme. GeostatWin enables users to model regionalised variables that may be applied in minerals resources, environmental sciences, petroleum and geotechnical engineering.


The following operations are provided in nine modules:

- Statistical Analysis;
- Data compositing and visualisation;
- Variogram calculations and modelling;
- Ore body and block modelling;
- Linear kriging interpolation techniques; and
- Grade/tonnage calculation.

Eleven modules cover more advanced operations:

- Non-linear kriging techniques (lognormal kriging, multigaussian kriging, disjunctive kriging, indicator kriging, probability kriging);
- Geostatistical simulations;
- Multivariate estimations and simulations and;
- Plurigaussian simulations for geological domains and strauctures

Outputs from the software include estimated resource block models, which are fundamental for subsequent mine design and production scheduling tasks. 

Commercial Applications


GeostatWin will be of interest to:

- Mining companies
- IT companies servicing the mining industry
- Mining Education Universities and other education providers around the world
- Mining software vendors wishing to embed Geostatwin into existing products.

IP Position


GeostatWin is commercialised by means of an End User Licence Agreement (EULA).


Partnering Opportunities


Seeking partners in the mining industry for in-house trial and/or licensing deal.

Training programmes can also be sourced through Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd.

Associated course materials targeted towards international academic programs and students can offer this product as an add-on to content.

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Kiara Bechta-Metti
The University of Adelaide
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