Mineral Investment Management Tool (MINVEST)


Mineral Investment Management Tool


MINVEST is a financial evaluation tool specifically designed for use in the minerals industry.


Seven common financial evaluations can be conducted with up to 39 economic parameters selected as variables. More complex evaluations include independent and relational sensitivity analyses, risk analysis and optimal production scheduling.


Both single and multi-mineral deposits can be assessed.


Modules are integrated, allowing the user to move freely between applications and to evaluate operations from different perspectives.


Most evaluation results are generated in seconds.


Commercial Applications


MINVEST will be of interest to businesses operating in the mining industry, as well as those providing education and training, and businesses in the financial sector


IP Position


MINVEST is commercialised by means of an End User Licence Agreement (EULA).


Partnering Opportunities


Seeking partners in the mining industry for in-house trial and/or licensing deal.

Training programmes can also be sourced through Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd.


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For Information, Contact:
Kiara Bechta-Metti
The University of Adelaide
Peter Dowd
Chaoshui Xu
Venture Capital