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A Method for Extraction of Nucleic Acids from Lignified Plant Tissue
There is currently a huge interest in verifying the source and legality of timber as several new legislations make it a criminal offence to mis-declare origin of timber or trade in restricted species (Lacey in US, EUTR in EU and new legislation in Australia from 30 November 2014). DNA methods are currently the robust method to verify timber origin claims...
Published: 6/24/2015   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Lowe, Duncan Jardine, Hugh Cross, Bernd Degen, Lasse Schindler, Aki Holten
Keywords(s): Agriculture, Analytical Services, Consulting, Diagnostics, Environmental
Category(s): Genomics/Genetics, Environment
Geostatistical Analysis Software (Spatial Statistics)
GeostatWin is a software package that provides advanced geostatistical evaluations of mineral resources, including model validation, linear and non-linear estimation, various methods for 3D simulation of quantitative variables (eg ore grades) and complex geological structures.GeostatWin was originally developed as a teaching tool for industry short...
Published: 2/18/2013   |   Inventor(s): Peter Dowd, Chaoshui Xu
Keywords(s): Analytical Services, Computing, Consulting, Informatics, Mining, Service
Category(s): Engineering, Chemicals, Computer Software, Energy, Environment, Materials
Mineral Investment Management Tool (MINVEST)
Mineral Investment Management Tool MINVEST is a financial evaluation tool specifically designed for use in the minerals industry. Seven common financial evaluations can be conducted with up to 39 economic parameters selected as variables. More complex evaluations include independent and relational sensitivity analyses, risk analysis and optimal production...
Published: 2/18/2013   |   Inventor(s): Peter Dowd, Chaoshui Xu
Keywords(s): Consulting, Mining, Service, Venture Capital
Category(s): Engineering, Chemicals, Computer Software, Materials
Neuroimmunology Laboratory
The University of Adelaide is able to deliver in vivo preclinical testing services in the field of behavioural neuroscience. Behavioural tests for mice available in our Neuroimmunology laboratory include tests for: * depression-like behaviour (e.g. Swim Test) * cognition-like behaviour (e.g. Barnes Maze, or Novel Object Recognition...
Published: 8/27/2012   |   Inventor(s): Bernhard Baune
Keywords(s): Analytical Services, Consulting, Immunology, Mental Health
Category(s): Medical, Biomedical